He wins a slots of 29 million jackpot, indeed no: two steaks!

5 May , 2017 News

He wins a slots of 29 million jackpot, indeed no: two steaks!

It happened at Blue Chip Casino, Indiana, where a woman thought she had won a huge jackpot at the China Shores slot machine.

There are hard times for the Blue Chip Casino , an Indiana games room that has climbed to the honors of the news these days for a possible, long – and expensive – legal battle. Everything was born from what the casino staff reported to be the malfunction of one of their slot machines . Not according to Jennifer Carmin .

On January 11th, the woman sat to play one of her favorite slots, China Shores . This is one of the so-called ‘penny slots’, those games that can be accessed by spending just one hundredth of a dollar. Well: Woman inserts her fidelity card, and an exorbitant figure is blinking on the display – almost $ 29 million.

Thinking of winning a colossal jackpot, Carmin has – rightly – exploded all his joy. Too bad the casino decided to hold the alleged prize pool, blaming a software bug, and offering her and her boyfriend a couple of steaks. Just to put down the bitter bite, in short.

According to local media reports, Carmin has returned home impotent, but after receiving numerous solidarity certificates, he decided to go to the attack by taking a lawyer. The first step was to bring the fact to the attention of the Indiana Gaming Commission , which will now investigate the matter.

For the moment it is unclear when the commission will make a decision on this matter, but of course we are talking about a lot of money, more than the Indiana Gaming Commission has ever found to have to deal with in a case of controversy. Probably in the end you will come to a classic agreement between the parties.

The most probable hypothesis is that Carmin will receive a check, somehow full but far from those $ 29 million. The woman has all the reasons for wanting her jackpot, but on the other hand Blue Chip Casino, as well as other gambling halls , has been guarded behind a clause – well-placed on all slot machines – which allows to challenge A payment if a malfunction occurs in the machine.

Our opinion on the case

By working everyday in the casinos industry, both terrestrial and online, unfortunately we must say that Mrs. Carmin hardly – in our opinion – will see the beak of a pot. As far as it may or may not just appear to be unfair, the above-mentioned malfunction clause releases the casino from any kind of liability, as long as it is obviously a bug in the software. If, as is likely to be the case, the Indiana Gaming Commission will find that mistake, Mrs. Carmin will be left to remember the two steaks …

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