The Renzi Government Challenge for Reorganizing the Game

5 May , 2017 News

The Renzi Government Challenge for Reorganizing the Game

Still waiting in Belpaese for gambling regulations, for which major changes are expected under the new Renzi administration.

The neo-premier promised a reform a month and not long ago, before receiving the assignment , he hoped: ” Someone finally decides to regulate this sector .”

If so much gives us so much, then public play is one of the first fighting fields of the Government Renzi, which in the House has already approved the proposal of delegation to the Government, with imminent maneuvers in the Italian tax system.

In particular, Article 14 of the text focuses on the reorganization of the gambling sector , by conferring greater powers on municipal bodies and local authorities, with measures envisaged to make more transparent and controlled what is currently present as One of the most confusing areas of Italian legislation.

The delegated text does not neglect the delicate issue of the prevention of pathological gambling, and it flies, once and for all, to regulate the various forms of advertising on the various media channels.

It is no longer necessary to wait for the result of the delegation to know the name of those who in the first person will be deployed by Matteo Renzi to face an already complicated battle of his own, but made it more difficult by the various local administrations.

The opening of two new casinos in Sicily is still pending, while the recent case of Apulia is just one of many examples of how conferring greater legislative autonomy, public play, local authorities, can lead to more damage than benefits.

New law in Puglia condemns authorized exercises

It was only approved last December 2013 but is already creating strong controversy, the law on the game ” Contrast to the Gap Spread” unanimously approved in Puglia.

The various prohibitions contained in the amendment, including the distance of licensed slot machines and betting from schools, churches, oratories and places considered “sensitive”, are literally condemning 90% of gambling activities, as Confindustria points out.

The same president of Sistema Gioco Italia, Massimo Passamonti , during a recent public betting meeting in Bari, stressed that the law in question introduces “elements of ostracism towards the offer of gaming. The consequence of this will be a return to the ills. “

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