The reader’s corner: the great books on poker

5 May , 2017 News

The reader’s corner: the great books on poker

Good luck in one hand and maybe the bad fortune in the next hand but when it comes to poker you have to consider a lot, much more.

To put it with Puggy Pearson , world champion in 1973:

“Poker requires a lot of skills: sense of the cards, psychological introspection, good memory, control of aggression, sufficient math skills to calculate chances and what poker is called a” leather seat “, that is, patience.

So let’s look at some of the books that have changed life a bit – and refined Pearson’s ground-breaking skills – from poker players, professional players to amateur players, to simple enthusiasts and curious.

The Theory of Poker

” The Theory of Poker ” is, of course, the most important book ever written on poker. The author is David Sklansky , the top US player who has won 3 WSOP bracelets and 25 prizes in his career. All of his wins, brought home by applying to the green table the statistical concepts and the mathematical strategies he himself elaborated in this and in the other 12 books. Here’s your Poker Essential Theorem : ” Whenever you play a hand differently from how you would have played it by seeing your opponent’s cards, you lose and win, while each time you play your hand in the same way that you play You would have done seeing the cards of your opponents, they will lose . ”

Therefore, victory is always fruit of great lucidity and self-control: on the one hand, you must always play, and consequently risk, as if you knew the opponent’s cards; On the other, try to bluff and confuse the other on the cards that are in your hand.

Big Deal

The same concept is reiterated by Anthony Holden , a writer and player, in his ” Big Deal “: “… whether he likes it or not, the character of a man is bare at a poker table; If the other players read it better than he does, he must blame himself alone. Until he is capable and ready to see how others see him, with his faults and everything else, he will be a loser in cards, and in life . ”

Other readings

So what you need to be good at green tables is a mix of psychology and math: books such as Hilger and Taylor’s ” Poker Mindset “, Tendler’s ” The Mental Game of Poker “, Hansen’s ” Every Hand Out ” and ” Cyber Poker “by Italian physicist and player Diego Rossi deepen these concepts and underline how essential they are to be” the strongest , the big ones “.

We could cite hundreds of books by taking advantage of important and extensive literature such as that poker players can enjoy, thanks to all those who have filled pages on the subject: the great champions become great writers, and writers, journalists and Math poker enthusiasts who have written wonderful pages.

Playing millions of hands, but also studying so much: this should make a poker player to become a champion. Because, as Stu Ungar said, among the greatest poker players of all time: ” It’s a tough job to play poker. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise . ”

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