New Casinos in New Jersey?

5 May , 2017 News

New Casinos in New Jersey?

Many members of the state government are pushing for the opening of new casinos in Bergen County.

Three years ago, New Jersey governor Chris Christie promised to give Atlantic City a five-year waiting period before exploring the possibility of building other land-based casinos in the state. However, the situation is so critical that the promise could be broken.

Since the gambling industry in Garden State is losing ground, month after month, many political figures are deeply concerned about the future of casinos in New Jersey and are pushing for a law to pass to build new rooms Game in the north of the country.

Last night, during the assembly dedicated to tourism and gaming commissions, the bill was considered. Lawmakers have suggested to Governor Christie a plan to revise the entire Atlantic City plant.

The proposal

Ralph Caputo New JerseyDuring the debate, very bright, adviser Ralph Caputo said that while Atlantic City casinos are expecting state aid, lawmakers should seriously consider opening new rooms in Bergen County.

It is a zone, as mentioned, located in the north (north-east for precision) of the state, which is, among other things, the most populous county in New Jersey, with over 900,000 inhabitants. We do not want to destroy an industry, they are good at doing it on their own, ” Caputo said: Casino owners are doing nothing but theirs. They only want to take the city’s money (Atlantic City, ndr). That the market is in trouble, it is up to us to intervene . “

Chris A. Brown New JerseyFor a Caputo pushing in this direction, there are other councilors who, on the other hand, believe it is right to keep the promise made to Atlantic City by Governor Christie before taking drastic measures. Like Chris Brown , who said: Atlantic City is moving in the right direction. If we decide to intervene now, before giving the opportunity to grow, it will be premature .”

And again, How can we say that we have really tried to revitalize Atlantic City when we frighten those investors who are spending so much time and spending money and energy to invest in the future of the city?

Other members of the government of the state have expressed themselves even more clearly, believing that the Atlantic City casino market, which is already in trouble, so that 2017 would be a year to forget , could also be destroyed by the expansion of the sector in Bergen County.

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