The Italian Poker Tour stays in Saint-Vincent!

5 May , 2017 News

The Italian Poker Tour stays in Saint-Vincent!

Everything is ready for Saint-Vincent for the second leg of the Italian Poker Tour. After Nova Gorica, it is the turn of the Aosta Valley to host the prestigious event from February 27th to March 4th.

The Casino de la Vallée is preparing to welcome the great poker players ready to challenge the “last” card and to experience the thrill of sitting at the green tables of the new poker room, which was inaugurated last November.

A real gem, with its 39 new tables – capable of accommodating up to 390 players – that enrich the charm and “big numbers” one of the most prestigious gaming houses in Europe .

This is therefore a new poker room that has no equal in Italy, and that goes to add to the historic poker room of the Casino de la Vallée and to the many exclusive games of the latest generation of French and American, housed within the mega structure Aosta Valley; Without forgetting the excellent catering and hospitality services, ready to pamper incoming guests.

” Neuf, rouge, impair et manque ”

This is happening today, but the story of the Saint-Vincent game house began in the postwar years, exactly in 1947, when, for the first time, all over the bureaucratic lengths, the Casino opened its doors to the top three customers and the capotavolo could pronounce The fateful phrase: Messieurs, faites vos jeux “.

It was the evening of March 29th of that year, and the ball fell on the number nine of roulette (” Neuf, rouge, impair et manque “): from that moment on, the gambling house began to bring well-being to Saint-Vincent.

In the years to come, Casino has experienced a history of constant transformation and modernization, becoming a major economic flywheel and one of the most advanced gaming facilities in the European scene, so much so that it is sometimes called “futuristic”.

Last year the IPT final was held in the beautiful Sanremo frame and saw the victory of Nicola Sasso , with a first coin of € 185,000 . We look forward to the new tournament finale while we are ready to enjoy this second leg in the beautiful town of Saint Vincent.

Live poker in Italy

Even though the online poker industry is experiencing a downturn (tournaments hold, but cash game can not keep up), live poker seems to have found its new dimension. The offer of events is constantly growing and evolving, even in Italy, where they start to spread and prefer so-called low buy-in events, ie where the buy-in does not exceed 1,000 euros.

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