Google Glass banned at green tables, what will they have?

5 May , 2017 News

Google Glass banned at green tables, what will they have?

They still have to go out on the market, but in some countries have already been tested and are still undergoing the most varied and creative experiments.

We’re talking about the latest Android hi-tech: Google Glass . Apparently some strange eyeglasses are actually real computers that make everything possible and enjoy so-called ” increased reality ” with a blink of an eye, a finger that touches the bar or a simple voice command.

Undoubtedly, Google Glass was born to be something revolutionary: so expectations, united with charm and curiosity for this strange new technological object that you wear, are inevitably high, and carry with them discussions and controversy.

The first bout

The first great joke for the ” magic glasses ” came from poker giants. The big casinos in America have been banned from the so-called ” Texas Holdem Operations “, which has shown how Google Glass is a perfect tool for “win-win”. The poker industry has taken very seriously the results of this operation, carried forward by A. Jacobs of the magazine Esquire . During a game at the green tables, the journalist wore Android’s goggles with which he sent to his cousin, professional poker player, all the information about the match in progress. After two hours of playing, Jacobs managed to triple the winnings, thanks to the advice of his cousin who saw the live stream streaming and directed the partner to the table, giving him the winning tips hand after hand.

A real example of a possible “baro”, which led to the immediate release of Google Glass from green tables; In short we will never see any of the great WSOP champions wearing these “evil marchingegni”.

google glassesIn Las Vegas casinos, no Google Glass ; On the streets of New York , however, in these weeks it is easy to meet police officers wearing them: the idea behind the experiment is to check how these hi-tech devices in their hands, or rather, on the eyes of the Cops can be useful in daily patrol work. But how do citizens feel, safer or more spied?

In fact, privacy polemics are lacking. Larry Rosen , a scholar of psychology applied to new technologies, has stated in this regard that:

“People may choose to control their smartphone or social account, while Google Glass is out of control .”

Experimentation continues

But experiments continue, even in Europe. At Heathrow ‘s London Airport , Virgin Atlantic has provided its groundbreaking Android eyewear: in this way, giving real-time information as well as recognizing passengers will be a joke. And again, not without privacy concerns.

However, there are also experiments that have produced positive results: two cases on all are schools and hospitals, where they are testing the potential of Google Glass successfully.

So, some positive confirmation in the midst of so many doubts and the first, excellent, bickering. And the great wait for the official launch on the market of this strange new technological object continues to grow. What will happen now? Perhaps in April, alleged Google Glass release date, the arduous sentence.

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