Discover the legend of the popular Lion’s Share slot machine

5 May , 2017 News

Discover the legend of the popular Lion’s Share slot machine

It is one of the oldest slot machines in circulation with a jackpot that has exceeded $ 2.3 million.

How does a 20-year-old slot machine entice GrandGamers Las Vegas fans to keep playing day and night? The answer is simple: a jackpot of over $ 2.3 million.

No matter what time you go to Grand MGM Grand: in the casino room, between the new Crush restaurant and the High Roller slots directly in front of the Grand Wok restaurant you will find it waiting for you. In fact, all you have to do is wait for her: the Lion’s Share slot machine.

There are people who also play for us for five or six consecutive hours, while others wait patiently for their turn.

This slot machine is the last remaining of the first 50 to truncate twenty years ago when the MGM Grand opened its doors for the first time. It is only for this reason that it has become a small legend, a sort of cymbal that gambling enthusiasts around the globe admire.

Justin Andrews , executive director of slot industry at the famous Sin City casino, said: ” Lion’s Share has for many years been a fan of fans. People are attracted to its history, so much that a lot of theories have come up on this game It really has become a kind of legend between the players . “

All in a row

And again: ” There is always a row in front of the slot, sometimes even 12 people waiting their turn to try to center the jackpot. Everyone seems to have a lot of fun. We’ve also started to see that guests expecting to make friends with each other , And our staff is having a lot of fun . “

Lion’s Share has always been a very popular slot machine, and still today is among the most played by over 2,000 at the Grand MGM. The millionaire jackpot could be unlocked from one moment to the next, as it may take weeks, months, maybe years. There are no chances to run, because just like all jackpot slots, Lion’s Share is also totally casual.

We talk about more than $ 2,345,000 – and the count increases as we’re writing. Theoretically Nevada law would allow casino management to turn off the slot and transfer his jackpot to a similar machine. But now the MGM is so fond of Lion’s Share that for the moment is not spoken.

This mythical slot machine has so much fear and respect that, although it is very demanding, has never caused any discipline problem, so to speak. We did not need special security,” said Andrews. “All players respect those who want to play and wait patiently for their turn.”

Only last week, the row in front of Lion’s Share has even reached 20 people. They are people from all over the world, especially from Europe. Even generationally, it is a game that embraces all ages: it is the twenty-one who has just completed the years and can finally play at the casino, and he also tries for his grandfather who might be pursuing the jackpot since he was not in retirement.

And sooner or later someone will win.

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